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 Welcome, read this first.

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Welcome, read this first.  Empty
PostSubject: Welcome, read this first.    Welcome, read this first.  EmptyFri Nov 23, 2012 5:38 pm

The Sheisty Bastards Clan is a competitive alliance in Fire Plains only. We seek other competitive players seeking to dedicate themselves to a smaller, strong alliance that is in turn dedicated to them.

Our goal is to focus on conquoring Fire Plains and will not expand until we do so. Our modus operandi is to stay a small alliance in numbers while staying high on the leader boards by recruiting quality players over quantity. A smaller alliance is easier to support, police, and conquor with.

Until we expand, we will not accept membership from players outside Fire Plains. Noobs will "water down" the alliance and make it more difficult to run until we are much larger, and we don't want advanced players (especially those from the demo) to "give away" too much aid and take out the playability of being fair.

The Sheisty Bastards Clan upholds the Stewardship PvP Code, protecting new overlords who have no alliance or experience.

In summary, there are two kinds of overlords: Pinky, and The Brain. If you are the latter, reside primarily in Fire Plains, and don't want to "disappear" inside the colossal size of a much larger alliance, then you'll find a supportive home in The Sheisty Bastards Clan (SBC).

Ranking Structure:

Allies and Enemies:

What we expect of you:
Maintain a powerful military/economy, and recruit active members with 3+ dungeons and 1,000+ points. Help other members and gain shoutouts.

What we forbid:
Bullying new overlords (going against the Stewardship PvP code), starting unauthorized alliance wars, refusing to help fellow bastards.

What we offer:
Protection, resources, information, advice, and support in proportion to your rank.

How to apply:
Apply to this usergroup, apply to the alliance in game, and send an in game mail to either Viperion or myself.
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Welcome, read this first.
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