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 Frequently Asked Questions

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Frequently Asked Questions EmptySun Nov 04, 2012 3:34 pm

How do I get to the overworld?

There is a quest that you can complete that will ask you to train 3 orcs to level 2. When this quest line is complete, you will be placed in the overworld.

Where is my Nemesis?

Your Nemesis is in the Overworld, it will be the only mountain other than yours that is highlighted. Send out all your orcs to raid it now, and complete the quest.

How do I get more orcs?

First you need to craft the bed for the creature, an orc uses a coarse mat. Lay the bed down in the room where the creature spawns, in this case, the den, and if you have creature room, it will spawn automatically.

I want to level up my creature higher than 10, but it won’t let me, what am I missing?

All creatures require furniture in order to level them up. Open up the crafting menu and look at the items by room type. You will find that some items will be go in the same rooms as the beds, and some will go in rooms the creatures use, such as the quiet study for the warlocks going in the library. You need to keep the item placed in the room when you are training, but you don’t need to keep it down all the time, this will allow you to place other bonus furniture in the rooms. You can also ship these training items to the dungeons where they are needed if you want to save resources on items. You can place more than one of a furniture type down to level up further, for example, placing one trophy holder in the den, you can level your orcs up to 30, as it adds +20 to the base 10. Adding a second one, would add an additional +20, for a total of 50 levels. This is called stacking furniture.

I keep adding warlocks to my dungeon but my research level isn’t going up, why not?

Leveling up your warlocks increases their research ability, however, the library can only support a specific number of researchers at a time. If you go over the number listed in the details of the library, then only the highest level warlocks will research, the lower level ones won’t. For example, if you have 5 warlocks in a level 3 library, which can only support 3 warlocks, then instead of using the full ability of the levels of the warlocks, it will use the 3 with the highest level. What is recommended is to only have as many researchers as a room can support. You can also build furniture when you have researched the tech for it, that will increase the research of the warlocks.

How do I get leather?

You get leather by raiding the elves. Start with the little towns and send a few orcs.

I raided the elves and they retaliated, and some of my creatures died. How do I protect myself from retaliations?

First, you need to know that you can set your creature to defend or to hide. There is a button at the bottom right of the dungeon screen that when you hover over it, it will give you these options when you click on it. Go ahead and set your dungeon to hide, until you have leveled the creatures up enough to defend the retaliations. Remember, that the more you attack the elves, the more hate will build up in the cities that defend them, and eventually, you will get bigger retaliations. As you progress in the game, you can read up in the forums or the wiki on hate reprisals.
Second, you need to set up your dungeon for defensive purposes. All creatures except goblins will defend when under attack if set to defend. They all have a different means of defense, some pack a bigger punch, and some are more fragile. They will spawn in specific rooms during a battle, and you want to set them up to appear in a certain order, the more fragile creatures further away from the entrance, and the big thugs at the entrance. You also want to employ traps as soon as you can. Read about dungeon layout in this guide designed for new players: click here (please note this guide was designed for Abyss, so some things may be different and need to be updated for here, ask us and we will let you know)

I keep getting attacked by someone and they keep stealing all my things, I can’t retaliate because he has higher creatures than me, and for the same reason, I can’t defend. What should I do?

First, make sure to use all of your resources as soon as you can, craft furniture with them and keep leveling your creatures up, as well as upgrade your rooms. Build safe storage items so that the attacker has little reason to attack you. Try messaging them, sometimes you can turn a foe into a valuable ally! If this fails, then reach out to an alliance nearby who might be willing to take you on and offer you protection in the form of reinforcements, or retaliation.

Why do I want friends in Dungeon Overlord, and what is a trusted friend?

Having other players set to friend status in this game, allows you to quickly find a player with whom you are trading resources. Setting them to trusted allows them to visit your dungeon, and pick up your resources for you. If you are going to be away from the game for more time than your resources are building up, you can ask one of these friends to pick up for you. You can also get lots of examples of dungeon layout from other players, try to find a more experienced player willing to set you to trust so that you can visit their dungeon. Beware, though, that not all players like to have you pick up resources in their dungeon, in case they have a shipment en route for which you are filling their storage to capacity. This could mean resources being wasted. Always ask first. Also, don’t ever trust someone if you think they will use seeing your dungeon to their advantage by turning around to attack you.

How do I get more tiles?

You will be given tiles along with other bonuses as you gain new levels, this link here explains nicely what levels, and what rewards are given at each level. You will also be able to research more tiles with the Dungeon Mastery Researches Lesser Stonebinding, Stonebinding and Greater Stonebinding, each of which give an additional 25 tiles. You may also choose to spend money on the game, for which you can purchase tile packs to expand your dungeons quickly. Using tiles wisely when you plan your dungeons will allow you to maximise tile usage. Consider specialising your dungeons and not having every room in every dungeon.

How can I move a room without downgrading it and starting the room over? There has to be a better way.

If you wish to move a room, first build the room tiles for the room where you wish to put it, then click on the old room in the spot that contains the upgraded square, it will say" move furniture" move this to the new room place, and then sell the tiles from where it had been. If you don’t have a lot of tiles, sometimes you have to do this in stages.

I just reached level ten and can’t make another dungeon, but I thought I could at level ten, why can’t I?

You need to be level ten AND research the Overlord Mastery technology called Underworld Control. Then you can choose a dungeon.

What is a good dungeon choice for a second dungeon?

You need to survey as many empty dungeon locations as you can, and choose the one that contains the most usable resources for your level, and is nearby. For a second dungeon, it is generally recommended to take a dungeon that contains iron, crystal and primordial earth, the earth being the most important of the three resources. Anything else will be a bonus. Make sure that you do survey a lot of dungeons before you choose, you may find one that contains multiple resources. If you are unsure of a dungeon, my suggestion would be to take it, and use the goblins that you gain from that dungeon to continue to survey. If you find another dungeon that you like better, you can abandon your second dungeon, and take the newer, better one. You will not be able to bring rooms with you to the new dungeon, and creatures until you are level 29, however, you can ship all the furniture and resources you have stored to another dungeon. You can also get some resources back by downgrading a room before you abandon.

What kind of creatures should I have in my dungeon?

This is completely dependent on play style, and what level you are. For pve in the early stages, you will need orcs and/or thieves to raid elves with and defend your dungeon, as well as warlocks to research with. Make sure you read threads in the forum and ask questions as you go along, to help you find your playing style. Don’t forget to get more and better creatures as your level and research allows!

How do I get more creatures?

Each dungeon has a creature limit. Look in your creature tab to see what yours is currently. To get more you will need to research Lesser Command, Command and Greater Command in the Creature Mastery Tech Tree, as well as gaining some in the level up rewards, or purchasing from the shop.
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PostSubject: Re: Frequently Asked Questions   Frequently Asked Questions EmptySun Nov 04, 2012 3:37 pm

What does shocking my creature do?

Shocking a creature, except for goblins, will increase the efficiency of that creature. If it is a warlock, it will research more, if it is an orc, it will carry more and hit for more damage. This works for any of the creatures for any of its abilities. You want to balance shocking with happiness though, you can build furniture to increase happiness of the different creatures, but make sure to watch that you also have enough food and gold for them. If they lose too much happiness, not only can you not shock them, they’ll go on strike. Shocking is most useful for increasing research rates of your warlocks, and strength for defenders when under attack, and damage and carry capacity for creatures you are attacking with.

I found a really great dungeon, and wanted to take it, but it won’t let me even though it is empty, why not?

If the dungeon is in the center of the mountain, it is called a Heart of the Mountain dungeon, and you need to research a technology called Lord of the Mountain in the Overlord Mastery tech tree before you will be allowed to take a dungeon heart. It gives a number of bonuses separate to what a regular dungeon gives.

I bought the starter dungeon package and want to abandon my dungeon because I found a better one, will I lose the tiles that I bought?

No, any tiles that you have purchased will travel with you to the new dungeon.

I leveled up and it said I could early unlock a dungeon slot, but I can’t find it in the shop to purchase it, how do I get my dungeon?

You can unlock your dungeon slot when in the overworld, by clicking on the dungeons icon, and scrolling to the right until you see the empty dungeon with the lock in it. If you click that lock, it will give you the option to open it for Dungeon Marks.

I have a new dungeon and have activated the resource nodes but my goblins aren’t giving me any resources. Why not?

Not only do you have to activate the nodes, you also need to have mine tiles within a three square radius of it. If you have more than one node of a type, then you only need mine tiles near one of the nodes, it will drop from all them into those tiles.

I upgraded a mine in my dungeon, how do I upgrade another one so that the other nodes will mine faster too?

You only need one mine per dungeon, when you upgrade it, it upgrades your mining in all of the nodes. You can also increase the mining rate through research and through getting more goblins, which you can purchase in the shop, or get from upgrading various rooms. There is also furniture you can place to increase the rate.

How do I add a friend?

Adding friends in game is easy. You can access any player in the same region as you, as soon as you hit the overworld. All you need to do is click on their dungeon and an icon will appear allowing you to invite them. They will get a notice in their friends list at the bottom of the screen telling them they have a pending request. If you see one in the bottom of your screen, then click it and hit accept. If you want to add a friend who doesn’t play this game, then send them an invite link from Kong. (to be updated with more detailed instructions)

Why are some friends brown and some friends blue?

All friends that you accept will turn blue. If they turn brown, it means that friend “trusted” you. You can in turn trust them, and you will both get a scrolly frame around each other’s pictures. You can also trust friends who have not yet trusted you, and they will have a scrolly frame, but you will still see them as blue until they trust you back.

What does trusting a friend do?

If you have a trusted friend, you can visit their dungeon for them and pick up their goods, if they are away from the game. It is a very beneficial thing to have someone who can do this for you, as goblins only work when there’s places to put things. You can also see how other people set up their dungeons, which is a great way to learn. Skirmishing is another invaluable tool for those who you have in this list, as you can send mock attacks at each other to see how a real fight would go between you. This is a great way to test your room setup, your creature builds and levels, and your trap setup!

I had something really weird happen in my dungeon, I’m not sure it should have happened, what now?

Either ask the Dungeon Overlord Community in the forums, or message support at click here don’t forget to login on the page in order to see the support tab appear!click here
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Frequently Asked Questions
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