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 Federation has gone Multiregional!

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Federation has gone Multiregional! Empty
PostSubject: Federation has gone Multiregional!   Federation has gone Multiregional! EmptySun Dec 23, 2012 11:53 pm

You read right! The number one Trade Alliance of Necropolis's very first continent Solace has gone multi-regional! The first post in this topic will make a note of who is available in what regions, so you know who to trade with if you want to send something to someone in a different area!

Of course, all things have their price. The current rate is a flat 5% per Goblin per Hour, though this MAY change as things occur.


Burning Woods: Basically Everyone
Trident: Soon to be Sentzu
Bull Marsh: Soon to be Sentzu

This topic will be updated every time any member of Federation obtains Stonegating and plops a dungeon into a region not their own.
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Federation has gone Multiregional!
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